Children's Masterpiece Theatre

released on Sept. 27, 2007 by

  Tyranny Belle

Track List:

Liner Notes:

Produced by Timothy O'Connell and recorded by Children's Masterpiece Theatre in Chicago, IL at The Dope Den.
Mastering and additional mixing by Peter Celauro.

Children's Masterpiece Theatre:
  • Gerald Good III - Beats
  • Timothy O'Connell - Voice
  • Peter Walsh - Bass
Additional Performances by:
  • Arthur Bamford - Voice and guitar (02, 06)
  • John Chase - Synth (09)
  • Kathryn Hines - Voice (03, 06, 13)
Art Direction: Matthew Brent
Additional Engineering: Peter Celauro and Gerald Good III
Additional Contributions: Andrew Beer, Arthur Jordan, Andrew Stott