Outer Heaven

released on March 7, 2011 by

  Tyranny Belle

Track List:

Liner Notes:

Outer Heaven is a collection of demos, fragments and live recordings created during the recording of SheEP.

It was collected and released several years after the final performance of Children's Masterpeice Theathre in 2008 during the first major CMT archiving and online distribution project (which took place in early 2011).

Recollected and released March 07, 2011 by T O'Connell
Rehearsal recordings engineered and Produced by T O'Connell
Performed by Children's Masterpiece Theatre in Chicago, IL at Outer Heaven

Written by T O'Connell, except for "Something Haggard" (G Good, T O'Connell and P Walsh).
Add. guitar on acoustic recordings of "Car Hug" and "Pain Assessment" by P Walsh.